The city of Malaga has been designated in Helsinki (Finland) as European Capital of Intelligent Tourism 2020 - European Smart Tourism Awards.

The judges have highlighted the evolution of the city in infrastructure and the concept of “smartcity” that we have developed in last years.

Malaga will be next year, a reference in tourism and also in sport throughout Europe, chosen as the "European Capital of Sport 2020".


This recognition is an initiative of the European Union, whose objective is to enhance the innovative tourism development of European cities and recognize the achievements made in accessibility, sustainability, digitalization and cultural heritage, as well as the creativity of the tourist destination.


With these achievements, the summer tourism balance reinforces the tourism project in 7.3 million tourists and 7.5 billion of income, according to data from the National Statistics Institute.


In January, the city will also host the Goya awards gala and in June it will do the same by hosting the MAX awards ceremony.

The capital of the Costa del Sol has competed with 35 other cities in 17 states of the European Union.


Finally, the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, showed his pride with this title and defended the use of new intelligence tools in Marketing and Big Data to anticipate events and changes in demand. He also highlighted the road traveled by the city in this regard to also advance in a sustainable development that allows implementing strategies that benefit citizens in their day to day and also improve the experience in the destination of tourists.